Ubootkameradschaft München 1926 im VDU

Munich Submariners
Munich Submariners and their writers
Georg Högel
Jak Mallmann Showell
Karl Neureuther and Claus Bergen

Georg Hoegel

Georg Hoegel, born in 1919, joined the navy in 1937. He was radio operator of U 30 (Sank the ATHENIA), of auxiliary ship F 6 "Königin Luise" and of U 110 (Enigma-Codes).

The Thunder Bay Military Museum has an exhibition of 315 pictures which Georg Hoegel painted as POW from 1941 until 1946.

Your attention is drawn to the chapter "Our artists" where we present some of his paintings.

Georg Högel
U-Boat Emblems of World War II 1939 - 1945
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U-Boat Emblems of World War II
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