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Press Reports about submarines and submariners

Here we present English written reports about submarines and submariners.

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German Bombs Blow Up Hamburg U-boat Pens
£ 2,500,000 submarine air raid shelter destroyed in a second German Bombs Blow Up Hamburg U-boat Pens
During his time as POW Rudolf Zeilhofer read this report in "Illustrated". In November 1945 he was discharged and took this article home to Germany!
Illustrated, 17.11.1945
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Admiral Otto Kretschmer
Tall, polite, formal, a disciplinarian, Kretschmer was highly skilled and courageous. He was one of the handful of U-boat commanders to survive the Second World War. Otto Kretschmer
The Independent was the first newspaper to report about Otto Kretschmer's death.
The Independent, 25.08.1998
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Lieutenant-Commander Rupert Lonsdale
Lieutenant-Commander Canon Rupert Lonsdale, wartime submariner, died on April 25 aged 93. He was born on May 5, 1905. Lieutenant-Commander Rupert Lonsdale
Lieutenant-Commander Rupert Lonsdale was the only British CO during WW 2 who had to hand over his boat (HMS SEAL) to the enemy.
The Times, 07.06.1999
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Statue planned for Enigma code hero
30 October 1942 HMS Petard forced U-559 to the surface Colin Grazier und Enigma U-559
A long time secret was lifted concerning Enigma codes seized by a crew of HMS Pedard. AB Grazier, Lt Antony Fasson and Naafi canteen assistant Tommy Brown lost their lives during this action. Our passed away comrade Edwin Bender was a crewmember of U-559 and had no knowledge about the seized Enigma codes until this article was published!
Navy News, September 1999
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Denkmal für Enigma-Code-Helden geplant
Local Divers find U-boat wreck
Divers solve sunken U-boat mystery Divers found U-297
The wreck of U-297 was discovered and identified in May 2000 by Ian Trumpness and Kevin Heath of Stromness. It had been listed on fishing charts but believed to be an unknown fishing vessel. It lies in 285 feet of water. Sunk on 6 Dec, 1944 in the North Atlantic, 16 miles west of Yesnaby in the Orkney Islands, by 6 depth charges from a British Sunderland aircraft (Sqdn. 201). 50 dead (all hands lost). (FDS/NHB, April 1997). Source: http://uboat.net/boats/u297.htm
The Orcadian, 18.05.2000
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Insult to our Navy heroes as Americans hijack history
Report about the movie U-571 Americans hijack history
The Report also mentions the true story behind the movie as written in Navy News, September 1999 about HMS Petard and U-559.
Daily Mail, 31.05.2000
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Discovered in an attic in Yorkshire, remarkable pictures of a U-boat crew that sank 19 Allied ships U 564 (CO Reinhard Suhren)
The rediscovered pictures on board U 564 (CO Reinhard Suhren) were taken by a cameraman assigned to the submarine in 1942 to send propaganda photos back to Berlin. Lawrence Paterson sent us copies of these photographs as well as the Daily Mail report.
Daily Mail, 15.03.2001
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Museum submarine U-534 in Liverpool
Finnish Newspape ILTA-SANOMAT reports about the former Birkenhead submarine. Museumsuboot U-534 in Liverpool
U-534 was sunk in the Danish Straits during the last days of WW2, was lifted around 40 years later and served in its original status as museum submarine in Birkenhead. After the museum's crash it was transported to Liverpool.
ILTA-SANOMAT, 23.02.2008
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Lost submariner honour
FURNESS submariners are going ahead with plans to honour one of the first British men to die in the service. FURNESS submariners
The Barrow-branch of the Submariners Association has voted to fund a headstone for the grave of John Henry Curtis, who drowned in an accident in Barrow docks in May 1902.
Evening Mail, 13.09.2010
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