Ubootkameradschaft München 1926 im VDU

Munich Submariners
Surfaced submarine U 6
Karl Neureuther in 1970
The book of the first Munich submariners association
Dr. Wolfgang Pohl attending the International Submariners Convention in Istanbul in 2011

Chronicle of Munich Submariners

Our history begins in 1926 when some Bavarian WW 1 submariners established the Subgroup Munich of the Kiel based Submariners Association. According to the Potsdam Treaty the formal existence of this association ended in August 1945.
In 1954 - when traditional associations were permitted again - some hundred WW 2 submariners met in Hamburg. In June 1959 Dr. Wolfgang Pohl and Max Schadhauser re-established the Munich Submariners Association, which is still today the third largest association within the German Submariners Association.

In 1926 one of the founder members was Cdr (ret) Karl Neureuther (Later his grandson Christian was one of Germany's most successful skiers). Claus Bergen, one of Germanys best known naval painters, was honorary member.

The Association members of 1927

Karl Wiedemann was the head of those submariners who established our association, in 1927 the members elected Karl Neureuther as president. In 1931 in London the English version of the Munich Submariners' book "Wir leben noch! (We are still alive!)" was published as "U-Boat Stories - Narratives of German U-Boat Sailors".

The day of the re-foundation was the 14 July 1959. Dr. Pohl and Max Schadhauser invited all known submariners in and around Munich to a convention.

Telegram sent by Karl Dönitz
Admiral (ret) Karl Dönitz sent his congratulations.

3rd International Submariners Convention in Munich

15 til 18 May 1964: The Munich Submariners Association organized the 3rd International Submariners Convention. More than 200 participants of six nations visited the Bavarian capital.

More International Submariners Conventions organized by Munich Submariners:

Visit to Simbach
Since 2010 we have a very close connection to the Naval Association Simbach on Inn. Twice a year we meet in Munich and in Simbach.

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