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Our artists - ashore and on board

A speciality of our association is our members' variety of hobbies and skills. We proudly present a selection of mostly maritime paintings of Claus Bergen, Viktor Gernhard, Georg Hoegel, Hellmuth Bahlmann und Juergen Weber

Pictures of Claus Bergen
from the book "U-BOAT STORIES",
published by the First Munich Submariners Association and some other pictures of this artist.
Bilder von Claus Bergen
Georg Hoegel painted a lot of wonderful pictures.
He has an own exhibition in the Canadian Thunder Bay Military Museum
with pictures he painted during his time as POW.
Eine Auswahl von Georg Högels Bildern
We present around 60 pictures of Viktor Gernhard.
His collection "Centenary of German Submarines" comprises themes of
the Imperial Navy,
the German Kriegsmarine
and the Federal German Navy.
Bilder des Marinemalers Viktor Gernhard
Hellmuth Bahlmann's themes
apply mainly his service on board of midget submarines type "Seehund".
Hellmuth Bahlmanns Seehund-Bilder
Juergen Weber
painted some of his pictures on board of U 23 and U 10 during his time as commanding officer.
Bilder von J├╝rgen Weber
In 2002 the Munich Submariners Association published a calendar with pictures of its painters. 2002 erstellte die Ubootkameradschaft M├╝nchen einen Kalender
For decades Georg Hoegel
produced birthday cards and christmas cards for us. Some of them we present here.
Georg Högels Geburtstags- und Weihnachtskarten
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