Ubootkameradschaft München 1926 im VDU

Munich Submariners
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Joint Sea Day 1986

A Submariners Association - Why?

What makes the life onboard submarines so utterly fascinating, that years or even decades later crewmembers still feel the strong fraternal bond that draws them together? This is particularly true after dangerous times in which thousands of submariners died.

Within the confines of submarines, the comradeship, tolerance, consideration and mutual confidence are all necessary for the proper functioning of the submarine's crew and the boat as a whole in spite of the different ranks onboard. Therefore, all ranks are represented in the German Submariners Association VDU (Verband deutscher Ubootfahrer e.V.) and its local and boat related associations all over Germany. From the Seaman to the Admiral, the Knight of the Iron Cross of WW II and the mate with the honorary medal of the Federal Armed Forces are all represented here with the same mutual respect. These experiences, gained by different generations, have forged a bond of comradeship between the submariners, who served during WW II, and the younger ones, who served in today's German Navy.

But the comradeship is not the only reason for being active in such an association: there is also the fascination of the 'submarine' itself. The contact of younger submariners with still living witnesses of WW II and their common interest in modern submarine developments are part of that fraternal bond of the Munich Submariners Association. In our community we try to share our knowledge and interests by lectures and discussions.

Submarining was and is still an important and forming period of life at sea. During this time unforgettable impressions grow determined by the personal restrictions, the daily living and working as part of a team, and the omnipresent mechanical world in which they function.

Common experiences, personal accumulated knowledge, recollection of time onboard of submarines and the interest in future submarine developments (as for example the fuel cell or other air independent propulsion systems) are reasons enough to join a submariners association.

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